Created by leaders, LEAD is your chance to receive top-notch education on leadership best practices and strategies, team building, training and recruitment. This world-class event will empower you as a Jeunesse entrepreneur to make a positive impact on your teams, offering you a valuable opportunity to gather together to create collective goals for the year.

Gather your teams, get your tickets and don’t miss this incredible leadership event!

Gather your teams, get your tickets and don’t miss this incredible leadership event!

Leaders aren’t born. They’re made. And the best leaders never stop learning.

At the event, you’ll hear speakers discuss these themes, covering 11 different subtopics to help empower you in 2020.


Lead with Products
Learn how to be a “product of the product” and share our products with friends and family.

Lead with your ‘Why’
What motivates you to succeed? This is your “why.” Imagine the type of lifestyle you’d like to live, and create a vision board. Sharing your testimonial with others will only strengthen your “why.”

Lead with Understanding: ‘Why Network Marketing?’
The industry is changing every day. Understanding how it has evolved will help you create a thriving business, backed by innovative products and an unparalleled business opportunity.


Lead with Inviting
Learn the art of inviting and how to attract potential Customers and Distributors. Using Jmobile, create your contact list and set up a calendar of appointments.

Lead with Customers
Learn how to find Customers, differentiate between them and share the new loyalty program.

Lead with Building Executives
Become an Executive builder by understanding rank requirements and using your Sponsor report.

Lead with a 60-Day Build
Using current tools and promotions, map out your next 60 days by writing down short-term goals.

Lead with Building Event-to-Event
Growing your team is just one of the many benefits of attending an event. Know when the next three Jeunesse events are scheduled, and find ways to motivate your team to attend.


Lead with Promotions
Learn what promotions are in play and how they can boost your team and drive your business.

Lead with Developing Leadership
What does leadership development do for you and your team? Learn basic strategies that will build leaders.

Lead with Closing
Learn what people want, how to listen and how closing differs between Customers and Distributors.

No matter where you are in your leadership journey, LEAD Jeunesse 2020 is your ticket to success. Come learn from some of the best leaders in the industry and discover new leadership skills.



10-12 Jan. 2020

Los Angeles



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