We are excited to announce our main stage topics and speakers for LEAD Las Vegas! This leadership conference brings together some of the world’s most outstanding leaders to inspire, drive, motivate and achieve.

LEAD Your Business in 2017 — February 9–12
Every speaker on the main stage will be exploring an important way for you to LEAD your team to success in 2017. There will be over five hours of exciting, in-depth discussion from some of the brightest minds in Jeunesse!


Receive pinpoint mentoring and lessons in leadership from Jeunesse Diamond Directors, including Todd and Angelique Hartog, Michelle Song, Jason Borné, Christine and Pierre Gaudet, and Tony and Xan Carriglitto.

INFLUENCE by Becoming a Product of the Product with host, Diamond Director Bekki Hurley, and speakers, Diamond Director Tracey Smith and Ruby Director Deb Callahan.

LEAD by Becoming a Master Enroller of Customers with Chief Development Officer Dennis Windsor, and Diamond Directors Kathleen Deggelman and Steve Green.

LEAD by Becoming a Master Recruiter of Distributors with Double Diamond Director Lyndon Biernoff.

INSPIRE by Developing Yourself with host, VP of Global Field Development Katy Holt-Larsen, and panel speakers, Double Diamond Director Juan Carlos Barrios and Diamond Directors Paula Pritchard, Fernao Battistoni and Lance Smith.

DRIVE by Leveraging Your Invite with Double Diamond Director Calvin Becerra.

LEAD through Goal Setting — Take Action with Double Diamond Director Samson Li.

PROMOTE by Building from Event to Event with host, Senior Director of Global Field Development Lucy West, and panel speakers, Double Diamond Directors Billy Teoh and Cici Weller, and Diamond Directors Carl Fleury and Kathy Robbins.

LEAD a Global Team with Diamond Director Adam Gilmer.

MOTIVATE through Serving Your Team with Double Diamond Director Scott Olsen.

LEAD by Example — 90-Day Run with Double Diamond Director Danien Feier.

Build Your Business in 2017 with host, Senior Director of Digital Strategy Cassiah Jay, and panel speakers, Double Diamond Directors Sannie Nie, Irawan Prajogo and Jennifer Chan, and Diamond Director Caio Carneiro.

NAVIGATE through Obstacles with Double Diamond Directors Steve and Gina Merritt.

LEAD as the CEO of Your Own Business with Double Diamond Director Kevin Giguere.

ACHIEVE Your Goals and Dreams with Triple Diamond Director Theresa Gregory.

Inspiration, Program and Product Launches, and More!
In addition to these topics and speakers, LEAD attendees will also enjoy inspirational stories from Double Diamond Director Ming Lee, Diamond Directors Viviana Qin and Kenya Cheah, Ruby Director Renita Brennan and more.

And don’t miss two exciting launches that will take place at LEAD, where we’ll announce a new customer program and debut an exciting new product that will change your business immediately!

If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, what are you waiting for?


See you in Vegas!

Text “LEAD17” to 76000 for the latest updates!

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