Highlights from LEAD Jeunesse
Europe & Middle East 2019

1-3 MARCH 2019

LEAD Jeunesse Europe & Middle East 2019 was a success, full of inspiration and empowerment.

In Prague, Jeunesse was center stage, hosting a Leadership Session alongside Diamond Directors and above on topics that matter most to you. Our Distributors in attendance learned how to achieve Sapphire 25 Executive, how to build leadership and new teams in 2019, and how to focus on mindset and belief. And that was just on the first day! Get all the highlights from LEAD Jeunesse Europe & Middle East 2019 in our event recap below.

Friday, 1 March


On the first day of LEAD Jeunesse Europe & Middle East 2019, Kyle Copeland, President of Europe & Middle East, set the stage for a successful weekend, introducing the importance of leadership and setting the right mindset at the beginning of the year.

We then heard from Diamond Directors and above on topics that are key to developing leadership skills in this industry.

  • Double Diamond Director Steve Merritt: Achieving Sapphire 25 Executive: Demystify and Tackle Your Goal
  • Double Diamond Director Scott Olsen: “Law of the Bench:” Great Teams have Great Depth
  • Diamond Directors Pier Cuzzoli & Ketty Mosca: Mindset
  • Diamond Director Serge Gilardi: Lead with Developing Teams
  • Diamond Director Bruno Grilo: Why Network Marketing

We had the opportunity to hear from keynote speaker Tom Bilyeu, co-founder of Quest Nutrition & Impact Theory. He spoke about mindset and the importance of embracing flaws and setbacks in the growth process.

Featured speaker Frazer Brookes also made a special appearance during the Leadership Session to speak on the importance of belief. He covered how to let belief take you from a decision, through trials and ultimately to success.

Saturday, 2 March


Kyle Copeland introduced the attending European and international Diamond Directors as well as European General Managers during the Diamond Director Parade and General Manager Parade.


Chief Marketing Officer Mark Patterson introduced RevitaBlū, a refreshing botanical blend of blue-green algae, sea buckthorn berry, aloe vera and coconut water powder. Combined in our exclusive formula, these sought-after, plant-based ingredients help nourish and support your body.

Jeunesse scientific adviser Christian Drapeau, MSc., explained the science behind RevitaBlū. Distributors also got to meet him and try the product, too!

Dr. Vincent Giampapa launched the new AM & PM Essentials powder packets, the easy-to-use, convenient way to enjoy one of the best-selling Jeunesse products.

ZEN Co-Creator & Brand Ambassador Mark Macdonald discussed the benefits of the ZEN BODI products and how they can lead to success in the ZP8 30-Day Challenge. He also discussed a new line of ZEN Project 8 videos soon to be released!

Distributors also had the chance to take a “Before” photo for the ZP8 30-Day Challenge in the ZEN Brand Experience AND get a photo with Mark Macdonald!


Kyle Copeland gave a comprehensive update for 2019, which included the announcement of an impressive 183 winners for the Europe & Middle East Sales Incentive Trip 2019: Bali. Plus, he spoke on the upcoming regional tour and set goals, as we look toward the Jeunesse EXPO NEXT 2019 World Tour.

Chief Development Officer Dennis Windsor shared his vision and inspirational message.

Double Diamond Director Lyndon Biernoff hosted a Q&A session with keynote speaker Tom Bilyeu, diving in to his personal journey. Ruby Directors and above also had the exclusive chance to grab a photo with keynote speaker Tom Bilyeu in the VIP Lounge!

Attendees heard from some of Europe & Middle East’s finest Ruby Directors, Emerald Directors and Diamond Directors and above on the various tenets of leadership, including:

  • Double Diamond Director Lyndon Biernoff on “Lead by the Numbers”
  • Double Diamond Director Stefania Lo Gatto on “Leading with Your ‘Why’ ”
  • Double Diamond Director Danien Feier on “How to use Packages to Get to Bali”
  • Double Diamond Director Alex Arnold on “Attitude is Everything”
  • Double Diamond Director Calvin Becerra on “Tap Rooting: How to Build in Depth”
  • Diamond Directors Fabian & Veronika Fitzner on how to “Lead with Customers”
  • Diamond Directors Dr. Islam Wasfy & Dr. Islam Mohamed on “Leading with Leadership”
  • Diamond Director Cliff Walker on how to “Lead with Building Executives”
  • Panel on “Getting Started Right,” hosted by Double Diamond Director Steve Merritt, with Emerald Director Omar De Tommaso and Emerald Director Mathieu Touillet, as well as Ruby Directors Paulo & Liliana Alves, Ruby Director Andrea Celletti, Ruby Directors Luis Serrano & Taisa Martins and Ruby Director Andrii Yurchenko

Sunday, 3 March


We had the honor of recognizing more than 110 new Sapphire Executives, more than 55 new Sapphire 25 Executives, 25 new Sapphire 50 Executives, 10 new Sapphire Elite Executives, 6 new Ruby Directors and 1 new Emerald Director!

We recognized 12 Distributors who went above and beyond with their impressive achievements! The awards included:

  • Star Maker: Award for Distributors who have personally developed the most Sapphire Executives
  • Star Pacer: Award for most enrollments with packages
  • Top Retail Sales: Award for Distributors with the highest amount of retail clients on the website (Oct. 2018-Jan. 2019)
  • Executive Maker: Award for Distributors that have personally developed the most Executives

We hosted a Star Party at DupleX – Prague’s hottest rooftop nightclub – which was reserved just for Jeunesse!

Jeunesse Europe received the award for International Company of the Year from Netcoo Magazine. What an honor!


Our Jeunesse Scientific Advisory Board panel covered the science behind the Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System.

Diamond Director Todd Hartog hosted a panel session on “How to Lead with Promotions” with Emerald Director David Perez, Ruby Directors Carla & Mário Carreira, Ruby Director Emanuele Cuzzoli, Ruby Director Barbara Podgorsek, Ruby Director Antoinetta Messina, Ruby Director Bruno Rodrigues, Ruby Director Piero Sbrizzi and Ruby Directors Carl & Katja Schodts.

Diamond Director Miguel de Oliviera and Ruby Director Agnes Balogh covered the event packages that make coming to events so worth it!

Featured speaker Frazer Brookes discussed social media best practices for network marketing, after having built his own teams from social media success.

An Emerald Panel was hosted by Nader Poordeljoo, General Manager of DACH, Central Europe, UK & North Africa, with Emerald Directors Elisabetta Evangelista, Roland Kegye, Enes Olgun, Malcolm Peters and Manuela Ratti. Topics were: “Leading with Products,” “Building from Event to Event,” “Duplication,” “Handling Rejections,” “Follow-up” and “Getting a New Partner Started.”

Emerald Director Tayler Schweigert covered “Closing.”

Double Diamond Director Adam Vincent Gilmer talked about the “90-Day Rank Advance Plan.”

Double Diamond Director Danien Feier closed the event with an impressive presentation on “Taking Action Now.”

Kyle Copeland finished LEAD Jeunesse Europe & Middle East 2019 with best wishes for the Jeunesse Family and offered a look ahead at the Jeunesse EXPO NEXT 2019 World Tour: Milan. Get early bird tickets before prices go up, so you don’t miss what’s NEXT for you and Jeunesse!


As part of our mission to make a positive impact in the world, Jeunesse Kids teamed up with FN Motol University Hospital, the largest facility for cancer and blood disorders in the Czech Republic, treating children with an amazing success rate of 80%. During the event, our generous Distributors donated $69,889.98 USD to support follow-up care and treatment for children who have had tumors.

Gather your teams, get your tickets and don’t miss the next incredible LEAD Jeunesse event!

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