Highlights from
LEAD Jeunesse Latin America 2019: Panama City

8-10 FEB. 2019

LEAD Jeunesse Latin America 2019: Panama City was a spectacular leadership event!
For many, this was the first step toward limitless leadership.

The second stop on the LEAD Jeunesse 2019 tour took place in Panama, where Latin America’s top industry leaders and the region’s corporate team took to the stage through the weekend to discuss trending topics. Distributors who attended learned how to achieve Sapphire 25 Executive in 60 days, how to build leadership and new teams in 2019 and how to set and reach goals. It was a weekend filled with knowledge, empowerment and family going hand in hand. In our recap, take a look at all the outstanding moments and soak up the energy of LEAD Jeunesse Latin America 2019: Panama City.


We began the weekend with top field and corporate leaders of Jeunesse Latin America gathered for a celebratory dinner. We captured the radiance of these stars in a photo opp, and had the opportunity to interview them and capture special moments. Thanks to a donation of autographed boxing gloves from champion Roberto “Manos de Piedra” Duran, we held an exciting auction at the dinner, and the money raised helped our nonprofit organization Jeunesse Kids. This truly was an unforgettable night with the region’s Sapphire Executives and above, celebrating and recognizing them and their success.


Thanks to the vision and support of Jeunesse Founders Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, as well as CVO Scott Lewis, the Jeunesse Family of Latin America has reached amazing heights. They welcomed all attendees to the event with an empowering message.

Miguel A. Beas, President of Latin America, who unfortunately could not attend, sent us a video in which he discussed the importance of attending events such as LEAD in order to start off the year on the right foot. He also explained the main strategy we’re taking in the Latin American market: the launching of new products for this demographic. The products are a fundamental part of the company and business for Jeunesse Distributors. New items are being created that can easily be shared and used by people throughout the region, as well as products that adapt more readily to the economy of Latin America.

Renzo Higinio, Director of Sales Latin America, shared market updates, including information about the upcoming sales incentive trip, VIVA Jeunesse 2019: Atlantis. We have an impressive 1,200 people qualified so far to attend. He also revealed that two new Jeunesse products will be made in Peru. That country will be doubly fortunate, as it will be the first place to launch the new products.

Information is power. Lucy West, Senior Director of Global Field Development, is an expert on the subject. She was in charge of sharing the most technical details of the Elite Xpress promotion with LEAD attendees so that they can put them into practice and take full advantage of this promotion.


Renzo Higinio, our official LEAD Jeunesse 2019 barista and Director of Sales Latin America, helped launch the latest Jeunesse product: ZEN BODI Café. He provided us with training about the product, its benefits, its use and characteristics. This “slender blend” coffee is ready revolutionize everything about the second-most widely consumed beverage in the world.

José Gregorio Aldana, Digital Strategy Manager of Latin America, and two of our Distributors, Sapphire 25 Executive Jorge Vivas from Colombia and Sapphire 25 Executive Alvaro Marcos from Perú, shared Zen Bodi Café on stage with Renzo. Because so many business partnerships and friendships begin with, “Let’s have a coffee,” the drink plays a fundamental role in connecting people. Along with the social networks in which millions of people connect to chat about this beverage, you can find a market to make business connections. Use them to their maximum potential, and these two powerful tools can help take your business to the next level!


During general sessions we had the opportunity to listen to leaders in the field discuss topics related to building your business. Among them, we had the great honor of hosting four Double Diamond Directors: Juan Carlos Barrios from Mexico, Miguel Jaramillo from Ecuador, Marcelo Serakides from Brazil and Steve Merritt from the United States.

They were all brought together by expert speaker René Mantecón, who made a special appearance at LEAD Jeunesse Panama 2019 to talk with us about how to overcome the obstacles we are bound to confront on our journey to leadership and success.

Here are some of the speakers that empowered attendees with leadership advice:


How could we not celebrate the great leadership and achievements of our Jeunesse Distributors at a leadership event? We wanted to thank the Diamond Directors who were present in the Diamond event hall. Over the weekend we had the great honor of recognizing 1 Sapphire Elite Executive, 4 Sapphire 50 Executives, 13 Sapphire 25 Executives and 28 Sapphire Executives.

We also welcomed a panel of Diamond Directors to the stage: Juan Cabrera and George Cardoso from the United States, and Juan David Mejía from Colombia. They shared with the audience how they achieved the rank of Diamond Director. We also enjoyed discussions by a Ruby Directors panel; a Sapphire Executives panel; Sapphire 50 Executives and Sapphire 25 Executives panels and a Sapphire Elite Executive panel. During these discussions, Distributors took to the stage to tell us about experiences throughout their career in network marketing.


Thanks to the generosity of our Jeunesse Family of Latin America Distributors, we closed an unforgettable weekend with the joy of announcing $15,000 USD raised for Jeunesse Kids. The funds were destined for a local initiative to help the Carmen Conte Lombardo Foundation. The biggest disability is to not realize that we are all equal; this foundation serves more than 260 children by assisting them with therapies, education and especially with love.

Gather your teams, get your tickets and don’t miss the next incredible LEAD Jeunesse 2019 event in Rio!

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