LEAD Jeunesse 2020:
North America

What a way to kick off 2020! LEAD Jeunesse was THE place to be to build your business. Our top leaders shared their leadership insights, and we launched new marketing tools to help you go after your 2020 Vision of success.

Videos and photos from LEAD Jeunesse are now available on ShareJeunesse.com. So, if you took a photo at the Recognition Booth, make sure to go check it out! All you’ll need is the password, which can be found in our Jnews post, « Unlock content from LEAD on ShareJeunesse.com. »

Jeunesse Vision
Looking forward to the year ahead

Jeunesse Founders Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray began LEAD by sharing the importance of leadership and self-development.

Chief Visionary Officer Scott Lewis took the stage to share the successes of Jeunesse in 2019. He also discussed his tenets of leadership.

Katy Holt-Larsen, President of North America, set the stage for a successful weekend by sharing all the ways in which you could engage at the event, including:

  • Earning badges in Jmobile™ for the first time – just by being an engaged participant
  • Attending special events, such as Meet-and-Greets and the ZENergize Workout
  • Showing up early to sessions and being rewarded with a coveted red envelope containing one of our awesome prizes


At the Chinese Leadership Master Class, Mandarin-speaking Distributors learned from Double Diamond Directors about expanding their vision into the next 10 years. They also heard from Dr. Xiaoyang Wu about Jeunesse and the Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System, as well as Dr. Vincent Giampapa, Jeunesse Scientific Adviser, on the Power of AM & PM Essentials. The audience even had exclusive access to this favorite Scientific Adviser for a live Q&A!

Leadership Session for Sapphire Executives and above featured a panel of Double Diamond Directors giving expert advice on leadership best practices. Diamond Director Steve Green talked about how to set up your team to win in 2020 with LEAD Power Leg Packages. Global Field Development also trained on the new global promotion, Elite 2020.

In the NV Master Class, more than 200 Jeunesse Distributors became certified NV Brand Ambassadors after learning from NV Co-Creator & Brand Ambassador Yolanda Halston!

Diamond Directors shared various leadership strategies, and Triple Diamond Director Theresa Gregory led the audience in “Leaving with an Action Plan.”

See videos and photos from speaker sessions on ShareJeunesse.com. Get the password to unlock this amazing content in your Jnews feed.

At LEAD, attendees also saw the debut of the outstanding panel “LEAD with a Competitive Advantage,” which taught Distributors how to train their teams on the ways Jeunesse is leading the industry, including our:

  • diversified Financial Rewards Plan
  • travel incentive program
  • Founders with a clear, unwavering mission to empower people to change their lives
  • global business platform
  • strong focus on building a robust Customer base.

Affiliate Program launch: Chief Marketing Officer Mark Patterson took the stage to share the monumental launch of the Jeunesse Affiliate Program. This program allows Distributors to reach and attract a new demographic, so they can increase the Customer base in their business!

Diamond Director Cedrick Harris spoke on the importance of Customers in a healthy organization, and Diamond Director Tony McKnight trained on how easy it is to get someone started as a Jeunesse Affiliate.

Co-Founder of DigitalMarketer.com and renowned author Ryan Deiss shared insights into the stability of the e-commerce marketplace and the unique opportunity that affiliate marketing offers to build a business and a brand as a micro-influencer.

Youth Enhancement System

ZEN Co-Creator & Brand Ambassador Mark Macdonald introduced the North American Jeunesse Family to ZEN 28, a holistic wellness program designed not just on weight management, but on bringing balance to your body. At the ZEN 28 Brand Experience, Distributors got to meet Mark Macdonald, try ZEN products, make activity pledges for 2020 and learn how to “PFC” their plates at meal times!

On Sunday, more than 500 Jeunesse Distributors kick-started their final day at LEAD with Mark Macdonald at the ZENergize Workout.

Twenty lucky winners who received invitations via the coveted Red Envelopes got to dine with Mark Macdonald at the ZEN Winner’s Breakfast where he discussed the important of a balanced meal.

NV Co-Creator & Brand Ambassador Yolanda Halston launched the newest member of the NV family, NV Body Bronzing Mist. The live demo showed the wonder of this product. After trying it in the NV Brand Experience area, Distributors were challenged to test its longevity as they did the ZENergize Workout later that weekend.

MonaVie Active was a crowd favorite as well, with samples of this delicious antioxidant blend being offered all weekend.

Celebrating our
Jeunesse Family

We recognized more than 100 Jeunesse Diamond Directors, who are the heartbeat of Jeunesse, during the Diamond Director Parade!

We also recognized nine new Ruby Directors and more than 100 new Sapphire Executives, Sapphire 25 Executives, Sapphire 50 Executives and Sapphire Elite Executives.

We celebrated our newest top leaders, welcoming new Diamond Directors Tony & Sherrie McKnight and Emerald Director Mohammed Masud Rana.

The Leadership Luncheon hosted more than 300 Ruby Directors and above, and 30 lucky winners walked away with product bundles just for attending!

In the spirit of the “Roaring 20’s,” the LEAD Jeunesse Family gathered on Saturday night at the Hollywood Glam Party, in celebration of making the 2020’s the best decade yet for Jeunesse.

Servant’s Heart

Our generous Distributors raised a record high amount for Jeunesse Kids during a North America LEAD event, donating $166,700 USD – 35% more than in 2019! This money will go toward the 2020 Jeunesse Kids Global Initiative goal of one million dollars to build the WE School of Entrepreneurship in Kenya.

Lucy West, Executive Director of Global Field Development, took the stage to launch the newest award in Jeunesse, “LEADing with a Servant’s Heart.” This award is designed to recognize someone who is not only an engaged Jeunesse Distributor or Affiliate, but also:

  • puts the success of their team ahead of their own
  • is an outstanding charity leader in their community
  • gives their time and resources back to worthy causes

Qualification details for this award can be found here.

Gather your teams, get your tickets and don’t miss the next incredible LEAD Jeunesse event!

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