As the brightest Jeunesse leaders converge on the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada for LEAD 2017, we are excited to announce our first U.S.-based Jeunesse Kids™ project of the year.

We have partnered with the Downtown Boys & Girls Club of Southern Nevada (on the corner of 28th Street and Stewart Ave. in Las Vegas) to help the youth-based organization complete a major project overhauling their outdoor facilities. The facility acts as a safe place for children to not only focus on their education, but also the physical activity that keeps them healthy.

Over the past year, this club has made more than $150,000 worth of renovations to its indoor facility, transforming a 52-year-old building that was previously a liquor store in the 1980s.

In recent months, it secured a $50,000 grant to convert a run-down outdoor basketball court into a multi-purpose soccer field that will allow students to be active after completing their homework each day.

The club plays host to 150 kids each day during the school year, and more than 200 during the summer — more than half of who come from single-parent households.

Now it’s our turn to help furnish the new field, which is slated to be finished in mid-February.

Our request is simple:

  • A pair of soccer goals ($2,000)
  • (6) benches ($6,000)
  • Soccer nets ($500)
  • Soccer balls/pinnies/pumps/accessories ($500)
  • Other games for outdoor use ($1,000)

In addition, all the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada are in desperate need of study tables, as many are in disrepair and make it difficult to focus on studying. Each day, there is a mandatory “Power Hour” for every child, which is an interactive, after-school homework assistance program.

The tables allow them to sit down and do homework, and then they are folded up to utilize the same space for other activities.

The region-wide need is 43 tables, which will cost approximately $45,000 – making our total fundraising goal $55,000. We can attain both with on-site donations in Las Vegas, as well as online via our portal at

If you’re interested in donating today, please click the button below!


In 2016, we raised more than $1.4 million globally, working through both local and worldwide projects to positively impact children around the world. In 2017, we will look to our Jeunesse family to continue this mission, starting with projects such as the one in Las Vegas.

As always, thank you for all that you do for Jeunesse Kids.

One Heart. One Hope. One Mission.

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