Lessons from LEAD Keynote Speaker John Maxwell

World-renowned leadership expert, John Maxwell, has spoken before millions of people and published more than 70 books about leadership. He is a prominent speaker, coach and author leading others in his footsteps around the world.

To prepare for our leadership conference in Las Vegas in a few weeks, we’ve looked through some of our favorite lessons from John Maxwell with a few specific questions in mind.


John Maxwell Thoughts on Leadership and Success

What makes a good leader?

JM: “Three things to do well to be an exceptional leader: listen well, observe and learn. In the process of listening, observing and learning, they have an attitude of servanthood. They know how to serve, and not only that but they do serve, and not only that but they love to serve.”

What common mistakes do you see leaders make?

JM: “The cardinal sin among leadership is not valuing people, and if you don’t value people, you will devalue people.”

Do you see universal leadership qualities around the world, or are they different based on different cultures?

JM: “Regardless of culture or where they were in the world, people in every country ask their leaders these three questions — ‘Do you care for me?’ ‘Can you help me?’ and ‘Can I trust you?’ In every culture, every society, every nation, people ask those three questions of their leaders all the time.”

What sets great leaders apart?

JM: “Great leaders are first of all listeners and then they’re learners and then they’re leaders. The key of leadership is connecting with the people you lead.”

What do you recommend people keep in mind to be successful every day?

JM: “We should live every day of our lives hungry, understanding we are to live until we die.”

How does vision contribute to success?

JM: “What you want to be tomorrow, you’ve got to be today. What you do every day is getting you closer to that dream or it’s driving you farther away from it. Every step that is made and taken based upon the goals you have for your life is the progressive realization of success in your life.”

At the beginning of the year, how do you prepare?

JM: “The last week of the year, I set aside just for reflection, prayer and re-evaluating my year. From that, I form my next year. I lay out my entire year based on the reflection of last year.”

What can a business owner do to achieve the success they want in their company?

JM: “You grow a company by growing people. When they increase their capacity, they begin to increase the capacity of what you can do and what you can accomplish. The key to developing leaders is in recruitment, positioning and equipping people to be successful.”

Be A Leader Any Day

Every day is a chance to be a better leader. That’s one of the many valuable pieces of advice that John Maxwell has taught people around the world. Soon, Jeunesse leaders will have the life-changing opportunity to learn from Maxwell directly.

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See you in Vegas!

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